Thursday, November 3


These days I’ve been into US Presidential Election that’ll be ending pretty soon.


First, I’d HATED Donald Trump as some of what he’s said really ticked me.  Hey, I’m situated outside the US so I’ve needed the time to get myself a bit keyed on the detailed info with the Election.

As a devout Believer of Jesus Christ, yep, I’m a Christian🙋, abortion isn’t a value I’d sought.  Plus, my friends tell me all kinds of corrupted behaviors on Clinton’s part. These are GIVEN.

What I’ve learned further:


1.  Simply put:  All those establishment politicians tend to chase after their goal but never their constituents’ or the public needs.

2.  Trump seeks to turn upside down what was so built up as established and brought about in vain.  In addition, Email investigations (two times FBI looked into her behaviors) on Hillary Clinton really brought down her public image as well as a role as the President.

3.  I’m seeing quite a few middle-ground to left-wing journalists/news magazines turn their backs against Hillary after FBI began re-investigation on Weiner Emails which turn out to have lots of Clinton’s disappeared Emails prior.  That’s telling.


So, right at the moment my imaginary vote is being cast on Trump.

Well, even though I HATE his personality … Hahaha😄😄😄

Wednesday, November 2

THOSE TRIBULATIONS Became My Cherished Memories

I recalled my own experience after reading my FB friend's bad experience in the States.

During my almost 12 years of my life in North Carolina, I've had 3 big most memorable experiences out of numerous occasions where I was personally targeted to be racially discriminated and verbally abused.  Times such as when I was called an Asian Monkey and I should get the F out of America, times such as I was rejected to shop at certain places. 

Amongst those times, especially memorable event came around when I was trying to struggle and work out my life and 2 jobs alone on my own by renting a house and a storage and keeping my stuff there.  Owner of the business (Storage Units on Hwy. 70E) was a family of this fat, old and extremely biased lady.  She rejected me from entering the premise and called me like this.  “Get outta here, you JAP.  Asian Monkey.  Ya don't belong here. Get out.”  I simply wept. 

It was my ninth year in NC and I sure thought I was being tested by GOD. 

I was so VEXED and sad, I looked up all of her “Christian neighbors and friends”, visited or called them to inform aloud how biased and prejudiced the lady in question was.  Then her embarrassed friend at church told her to apologize me, and she indeed came to apologize “as a Christian“, but I was so very upset still.  Had a hard time talking then.  Later on they said she couldn't stay in her residence and moved away. 

It was a VEXATION which caused me to CRY so much.  When some people tell you that they HATE you for what you are and look like, you can't change anything by studying or changing anything.  I ended up becoming a VICTIM for the first time.  Oh, I cried. 

But, here's my point:   I still have lots of great friends from the very same country.  Most close friends of mine are Americans and they're my FB friends, who'd probably have no problem letting me stay IF and when I'd visit them solo all of sudden without much of notice.  They're my TRUE treasures and my Mentors and my very best siblings and close friends. 

My BIASED counterparts are not in touch with me, of course. Ha.  But such things gave me a hands-on experience of reality in any country.  I guess that's “Wild Lifetime Adventure” of sorts, you know.   I now consider ALL such good and bad memories in America with one great experience as a whole.

Great points of America is having a variety of individualists who personally own their identities with opinions.  They have their own positions on EVERYTHING.  And they recognize each and every personality with ever little thing surrounding them which matters them to form their opinions.  And that's cool with me.

I realize now that especially when I had a bad day, I owed them sincere friendship and deep affection from those who prayed, loved and watched over me whilst I stayed in that country. And even now, I enjoy everyone.   Thank you.  You know who you are. 😂

Sunday, September 25


Someone whom I've had a dependability issue asked me to meet her, so she messaged me. 

She is not a punctual person.  She's very okay with turning 4pm appointment to 6pm by standing me up for 2 hours at the venue, and she cares LESS if I'm being LOST on the way to where she told me to go to.

She did that to me once on a very hot day, so I've NEVER agreed to make a dinner date or even meeting at some station as she isn't dependable. 

Well, this person who says she's leaving for NY told me to take time for her, bring “food and gift“ to celebrate her departure. My Sunday time is limited as Mom is going to come home from afternoon daycare by 18:00pm. 

She repeatedly messaged me for coming to give her departure gift. 

“Look“, I said, “I gotta take care of my Mom whilst looking for a job (saving money for helpers which will keep on billing me whilst working once my FT job is found)“.  I said “I wish I could go but I can't“. 

She doesn't listen.  She kept pushing HER plans but NEVER my plans to repeatedly messaged me.  I said no.  “Look, I'm going to see you in Heaven if not in this world next time“.  That is pretty common farewell message for Christians in the US.  She laughed at the messenger by writing “LOL, what's that?“  What's so funny?  I have no idea. 

She doesn't realize she herself is NOT a DEPENDABLE person.  I would NEVER go to unknown places at her advice nor am I going to see her outside EVER again as she gave me back UN-TRUSTWORTHINESS for my being punctual and dependable for her once. 

I just decided I don't have a time for manipulative person like her.  Sorry, I don't trust ya.

I un-friended her.

I can be there in dream or fuggy Facebook mentality but someone with dependability issue doesn't deserve my time.